October 31, 2008

There’s Help and Hope at the Skin Care Blog

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I’m sharing my skin care expertise over here now.  I’ll be posting and commenting on the latest advancements in skin care technologies and treatments.  Another new adventure for me, as I look forward to helping more people with their skin care questions and concerns.

Olive U.


October 30, 2008

Back Home Again, in Indiana

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    “Back home again in Indiana,

    And it seems that I can see

    The gleaming candlelight, still shining bright,

    Through the sycamores for me”

My husband and I decided it was time we brought our children and grandchildren to visit our old alma mater, Indiana University, in beautiful southern Indiana.  It was hard to believe it has been 30+ years since we last visited.  We knew October would be the best time of year to see the fall foliage, so we planned a fun weekend and rented a cabin in the woods in picturesque Brown County.

We ate strombolis from our favorite restaurant, and took everyone on a walking tour through the sycamores and bikepaths of old I.U.  Our last stop was a visit to my sorority house, Kappa Delta.  Walking through the doors of that big house, I enjoyed all the happy memories as they flooded over me.  The best part, was getting a chance to show my grown daughters where I lived for three years while I was dating their dad.  They were absolutely mesmerized by it all.

The college years were truly the carefree years of our lives, even though we didn’t realize it at the time. In later years, looking back, we longed for the total lack of responsibility we had back then.  Even so, college was also a time of total self-absorption.  What was happening in our own lives was all we really thought about.   After graduation, our marriage began, and our family grew, and we learned how to think of others more than ourselves, and to put others needs before our own.  

Helping others is so much more rewarding and fulfilling.  It’s when we lose our self-focus, that we become the real person we were intended to be.  It’s how we develop character and purpose, and our growth is never ending.  

Unfortunately, however, sometimes we lose ourselves in the process.  Not cool.  Our family certainly doesn’t want a mom/wife to feel sorry for.  They want someone who will take good care of themselves, find joy in life, and then model that to their offspring. To find real meaning in life, we can never stop growing, never stop learning.  Never.

If you haven’t visited your college campus in awhile, you need to, and take your family with you.  Celebrate the happy memories, and celebrate how far you’ve come.  

(If you would like to hear the classic 1917 song sung beautifully by the men’s acapella group at I.U., you can go here.)

“When I dream about the moonlight on the Wabash,

    Then I long for my Indiana home.”

Olive U.

October 29, 2008

Welcome! Olive U. Very Much

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When my oldest daughter went off to college, I told her, “I will write you everyday, so you won’t miss your family too much.”  I began sending her emails, and always signed them “Olive U.”  It’s how I have signed all my emails to each of my children through the years.  

My emails were generally about what was happening with the family, but a lot of the time, they contained little tidbits of wisdom that I wanted to pass on to them.  Because,amazingly, once they turned 18, they really didn’t want to hear any more wisdom from their parents.   They (thought) were so wise.  But if I emailed my thoughts to them, they did not object.  Score!  Because, yes, they did still have a lot to learn, and I felt I still had a lot to teach them.

They have all encouraged me to start this blog, where I can share my little tidbits with the rest of the world.  Naturally, I was hesitant at first, but decided that if they felt that this would be good for me, then I would trust their judgment and try my hand at it.

I don’t plan on posting a lot about my daily life, but instead include lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn as life teaches me.  I’m passionate about my devotion to my family, out of the box thinking, personal individuality, respect for others, motherhood, natural health care, and women’s rights issues.  I love to help others improve their self esteem by teaching them how to  create a more positive self image – both inside and out, and through personal goal setting.  

I’ve been a skin care consultant for 20+ years, and love helping people look better, so they can feel better about themselves and build their self confidence.  I’m somewhat of an expert on time management, having been married for 36 years and raised 4 children while running a business out of my home, and being an active member in our church.

So, basically, when I have something to say, I’m not afraid to say it.  I look forward to my new blogging adventure and getting to know all of my new friends in blogdom.

Olive U.