November 5, 2008

Boomers Turning Towards Natural Medicine

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I read recently that the Baby Boomer generation (that’s me!) is the largest (77 million) best-educated and most affluent generation in history.  Yeah baby.  The boomer’s want to look better, and live longer than their parents and grandparents did.  An amazing epidemic, it’s reported, is sweeping across America.  Huge numbers of people are turning to complimentary and alternative treatments for a wide range of medical conditions. 

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, one in three adults uses some complimentary and alternative therapy regularly (a $27 billion annual market). The report also stated visits to complimentary practitioners exceeded the number of visits to primary care physicians between 1990 and 1997.

When results of this study were analyzed using only respondents who had personal experience with alternative practitioners, 93% said they had positive outcomes following a chiropractic visit, but only 82% said the same for their MD/DO. Of this group, those who had “cured” or “symptoms diminished” outcomes after their most recent visit, massage therapy was 87% and acupuncture treatment 74%.

I know many people who rarely see their medical doctor anymore.  Personally, I suffered for years with severe allergies despite conventional medical treatments. A friend of mine recommended a naturopathic doctor who completely cured me of all my allergies, with no medications.  

My youngest daughter was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at the age of 7.  For almost 2 years she was followed by a rheumatologist at the Mayo clinic, her joint pain increased to such a point where she could not walk without experiencing severe pain.  Not satisfied with those results, we took her to see a chiropractor recommended by my mother, and under her care, she very soon was able to walk again without pain, and in a short time, weaned off of all her arthritis medications.  She has remained free of arthritis ever since.

Our most remarkable experience was when our first grandson was diagnosed with autism. Our chiropractor recommended allergy testing and treatment, since studies had shown marked behavior improvements in autistic children.  It was discovered he had multiple food allergies and after treatment he experienced amazing results – he started sleeping at night, had fewer tantrums, etc. which gave my daughter and her husband some much needed relief.

I’m so thankful we sought alternative treatments, what would our life be like today if we hadn’t?

I don’t want to give up my medical doctor, but why can’t all of these medical providers work together for the good of their patients?  People want to feel better, live longer, enjoy a healthy quality of life, and help their families to do the same.  We want a greener planet, a greener community and home, and, yes greener medical approaches.  Hopefully the medical profession will pay attention. We can only pray that they will.



  1. Yay for wonderful chiropractors! I’m blessed to have found some one who does allergy treatments out here too!

    Thanks for turning me on to alternative medicines. I always felt better after doing a treatment with the boys. Heck I can use a certain type of laundry soap now because of it.

    I think it’s great that people are turning to natural medicine. Our bodies weren’t made to handle all this drugs and medicine doled out by our doctors.

    Now if only I could find a natural dentist!

  2. Carrington said,

    Such a great post, and powerful testimony! I totally agree!

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