November 9, 2008

FLYing with the Flylady

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F.L.Y. stands for “Finally Loving Yourself”

Enter Marla Ciley, who has been mentoring women since 1999.  Marla founded her yahoo group to help other women like herself – women who were frustrated with  organizing both home and life.  She says it wasn’t until she learned how to F.L.Y that she was able to become the person of her dreams.

There are a really only a handful of people in my life who by their teaching and encouragement have made a dramatic difference in my life, and I am proud to say, FLYLADY is one of them.  She is funny, inspirational, full of great advice, and also tough.  “NO WHINING ALLOWED” she would often tell us.

When I joined her yahoo group I was trying to find more time and happiness in my day. My house was in her words CHAOS or “can’t have anyone over syndrome”.  With my husband, my 4 kids, in 4 different schools, running a business from home, I was desperate for some wisdom, or some system, that could help, even a little bit.  

The first thing Flylady teaches us is that we are OK.  We’re not alone, we’re not behind, and we are not a bad person, we just need to learn what and how to do when.  She promised that if I followed her plan faithfully, I would succeed.

What I learned from Flylady was more than a system, though.  It was an attitude, a way of taking care of me first, which filled up my cup to overflowing, so I was able to do what I needed to do for everyone else.  How unexpected!

I’ll be honest, at first I thought her simple answers were a little too, well….SIMPLE!  But, she told us we needed to create new habits, and it took 21 days to create a habit.  Except for those of us who are in CHAOS, then it would take us 28 days.  So I committed to follow her for 28 days. I knew my way of doing things was not working, so I had nothing to lose by trying her way.  

I also learned what a perfectionist looked like, it had my picture all over it, although you wouldn’t have known it if you had seen what my home looked like.  A perfectionist doesn’t even start a job if they don’t think they have the time to do it perfectly.  I learned how perfectionism can kill your self esteem, and the self esteem of everyone who lives with you.  

My home and my life began changing in a very short time, and everyone, including me, was thrilled with the change.  Suddenly, I had SO much more time, to do the things I really loved doing.  I was so much more successful in my business, and was able to pass these principles on to my family and my team of consultants.  Their lives were transformed by Flylady too.  I was a very happy mommy. 

If you want a happier, healthier home, Flylady may just be able to help you.  Do what I did, and check out her website, all her information is free there.  Then start with her BABYSTEPS, and go from there.  Let me know when you start FLYing too, so I can help encourage you along the way.


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  1. I love Flylady’s ideas, even if I don’t want to always admit it, her concepts really do work.

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