February 24, 2009

Women Who Give Up On Themselves, And The People Who Let Them – Discuss!

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Women who give up on themselves -I’m sorry, I just don’t get it.  (fair warning: I’m hopping on my little soap box here, so you may want to curl your toes in, because I’m about to step on some, I’m afraid.)

You know who I’m talking about.  Sadly, I’ve noticed, a lot of them are in my age group (50 somethings). But it’s really happening in all age groups. These are the women who we see more and more, who don’t style their hair, don’t take care of their skin, don’t wear any cosmetics and don’t wear clothes that make them look pretty.

Their excuses are many.  They try to convince us (and themselves) that they don’t have the time, they don’t have the money, they are tired, they don’t see the point, they’re too old to worry about it, no one cares what they look like, and… yada, yada, yada.

Really?  Really!

The real question is WHY?  Why have these women basically given up on themselves?  I’m sure if you look at pictures of them in their past, they were quite attractive and pulled together.  And why isn’t anyone helping them?  Most of these women have husbands, sisters, mothers, children, close friends, and yet no one can bring themselves to talk to these women and let them know 1) how much they are loved and 2) why they need to love themselves?  I believe it’s an epidemic of low self esteem.

If you’re one of these women, I want to tell you that you ARE worth the time, money, and attention you need to take care of your appearance.  Making your self pretty is not only a gift you give yourself, it is a gift you give those around you.  We bring joy to others when we show them how much we care about ourselves.

The point is, we do take the time and we do put the attention into the things that matter most to us.  I think it’s time for women to realize they MATTER, and their appearance reflects how much they BELIEVE they matter.  When you neglect your appearance, you communicate very loudly to others “I DON’T MATTER”.  In all that we do, we are setting the example for others to follow.  What example do you want to set for the women around  you?

If you’ve been neglecting your appearance, you can decide to turn things around today. Start small, make an appointment to get your hair done.  Ask for an up to date style, cut, and color.  The right hair color will add the most to polish your look.  It is the cheapest anti-age treatment there is!   On your way home, stop at a department store cosmetic counter and get a free makeover.  Let them give you an up to date look.  If you don’t want to buy the higher quality cosmetics at the department store, stop at the drugstore on the way home and pick up the cosmetics you need.

Your next step is to get rid of all those OLD clothes you’re hanging on to, and go out and buy some new things. You need to buy clothes that FIT, and are up to date.  Start with your basics, and build from there as your budget allows.

When was the last time you purchased a new pair of eyeglasses?  Go update your style today.  You are going to have to re-direct funds towards yourself.  Tell your family you are doing this for yourself, and you want their support.  I promise you, they will be so happy you are finally taking care of yourself again, they will do everything they can to help you.

Decide you are not going to make any more excuses for why you look this way, and you are no longer going to play the martyr role.  Unburden yourself from the negative self talk that got you in this position.

If you know someone who needs to start taking better care of themselves, you need to help them.  Offer to take them to a hair salon and get their hair done.  Offer to go shopping with them.  Their confidence is low, so most likely they will say yes.  If they refuse, that will be your opening to say to them, “YOU matter to me, I want you to matter to yourself.  Let me help you.”

Everyone knows that when you LOOK better on the outside, you FEEL better on the inside.  And the reason that is true is because  by improving your appearance, you have recognized the importance of YOU.  You DO matter, and that’s worth celebrating!

Climbing down off soap box now… 🙂


February 16, 2009

Harry’s a Hero – again!

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We got a  phone text last night from our son, Harrison, who works as EMT in LA County:

“I just gave CPR for almost 20 minutes to a man on Mt Baldy in the middle of an icy street.”

OMG.  Just the thought of him in such a life and death situation immediately sent my heart racing.

I asked, are you ok?  and his reply, YEP.

He was texting us from his Valentine’s Day dinner date, where he went after the experienced was over. Today we were able to speak with him.

He had the day off,  so he and his friend decided to take a drive up in the mountains, to Mt. Baldy, just outside of LA, to see the newly fallen snow.  As they arrived into the little downtown area traffic was stopped, and he could see about 3 cars ahead of him. Some people were removing a man from a car.  When he saw what was happening, he thought, “they are probably getting ready to do CPR on the guy”.   He immediately got out of the car and ran up to see if they needed his help.

There were a few people attending the patient, they told him the guy was having an apparent heart attack.  Harry told them he was an EMT and asked if they wanted his help, to which they said YES!

The man was laid out in the cold icy street, next to his car (with his two children inside), and Harry started chest compressions.  Within about 10 minutes a local fire truck arrived, but there were no EMT’s or Paramedics on board.  Fortunately they did have an AED device, a portable defibrillator.  Harry hooked the guy up to the monitor and could see his heart beat and pulse.  Harry said he used the defibrillator paddles on the man several times trying to get his heart going again.  Another 10-15 minutes passed, when the ambulance/paramedics arrived.  When Harry turned the care of the patient over to them, the man did have a pulse and was breathing.

Harry said he didn’t know what the ultimate outcome was, but he says (modestly) “If I hadn’t been there, the guy wouldn’t have made it.
Then I asked him, so how does this make you feel, as you think about what happened the day before?  His response, “I feel very special, I feel like God put me in a situation where I could use my training and gifts to help save a life.”

He’s also talked a guy down from the ledge, who was ready to take his own life.  He’s handled medical emergencies at the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena as a volunteer for the Red Cross.  Even on his flight to visit us recently, the crew asked if there were any medical professionals on board to help them with a diabetic patient, and Harry was the one who came forward to help her.

He decided a few months ago to pursue advanced training in first responder emergency care, and will be attending Paramedic School in LA in March.  I think he’s ready.

Thank you Harry, and thanks to all the other emergency personnel who are there for us every day when we need them. We are so proud.

As parents, we never know for sure how our adult children will be able to handle themselves when the stresses of life come down on them.  So far, with all of  our four, we we have seen them come under some pretty stressful circumstances, and each time we were so proud of how well they handled it.  All those years of teaching them the best we knew how, now we are seeing the results.  It’s very gratifying and yet so humbling all at the same time.