March 31, 2009

There’s Some Good News About Breast Cancer

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An article in the February 4, 2009 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine says that Long-Term HRT (synthetic hormone replacement therapy) probably caused breast cancer in 200,000 women. OMG.

This is the “official” confirmation that the dramatic drop in breast cancer in postmenopausal women in 2003 occurred as a result of synthetic HRT prescriptions dropping by 66 percent after the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) found that estrogen-plus-progestin HRT (e.g. PremPro) increased the risk of breast cancer, stroke, heart disease and gallbladder disease. In other words, breast cancer rates have plummeted, thanks to the fact that millions of women abandoned their synthetic HRT, from the Hopkins Health Watch.

I remember attending a women’s health conference in 2000 where speaker after speaker described the growing epidemic of breast cancer in women. One speaker made a dramatic statement, “Look at the person on your left, look at the person on your right. There’s a great likelihood that one of you will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the end of the year.” Scary stuff. We all went home and started faithfully doing our monthly breast exams and yearly check-ups and mammograms with our gynecologist.

Many women I knew had their lives and their family’s lives turned upside upon the discovery of a lump on the breast or under the arm. Many would go through biopsies, and even mastectomy. Many would not survive. No one could understand the reasons why breast cancer was on the rise.

In 2001 I was fortunate enough to hear a medical doctor speak at a breast cancer symposium at our local library. He explained how there was tons of research out there proving that hormone imbalance was responsible for so many health problems that women were experiencing, starting at puberty and continuing through menopause. Hormone imbalance was responsible for problems such as PMS, ovarian cysts, infertility, autoimmune disorders, and yes, breast cancer. He told us the huge numbers of women taking synthetic hormone replacement was the reason for the breast cancer epidemic in women over 45, and he had the studies to prove it.

What? How could it be? Why would doctors keep recommending this treatment to women, knowing the risks involved? Why are women not being TOLD the risks involved? Why isn’t this news on the front page of USA Today? This symposium changed my life. I became hormone healthy, and didn’t stop learning or sharing this amazing life-saving information with everyone I knew.

The doctor’s name is John Lee, M.D.. He wrote several books, that should be required reading for all women concerned about their hormonal and physical health. “What Your Doctor Never Told You About Menopause”, “What Your Doctor Never Told You About Pre-Menopause”, and his most famous book, “What Your Doctor Never Told You About Breast Cancer”.

He told us women could easily balance their hormones with a cream that they rub on their skin twice per day for 2 weeks out of every month. It containing 20mg of natural progesterone, which is IDENTICAL to the progesterone that we make in our bodies. He had been treating women in his medical practice for over 25 years, and saw very little breast cancer in his patients. Natural progesterone has NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS. None. It’s synthetic counterpart – Progestin- has a huge list of side effects, the worst of it, as we all now know, is breast cancer.

Dr. John Lee had a lot of courage to stand up to the huge drug companies, and the conventional medical opinion at the time. It does my heart good to see him finally proven correct, and the complete 180 degree change in the way doctors are treating women with hormonal issues.

I’ll never forget Dr. Lee’s admonition to all of us in attendance, “Please help me get the word out, tell everyone who will listen about the importance of hormone balance in achieving optimum health, and living a long life.”

Dr. Lee passed away a few years ago, but his legacy lives on in his partner Dr. Virginia Hopkins. Her website contains a wealth of information on hormone health, including the Hopkins Health Watch email newsletter that you can subscribe to for the latest medical information.

Now YOU know, spread the word.


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  1. Such important info, thank you for sharing this!

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