June 22, 2009

The Man Who Lifted My Veil, 35 Years Ago Today

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The man who lifted my veil, 35 years ago today, is still my one, my only, my everything.

He completes me. He calls me his Queen, and treats me like it. He makes me laugh. A lot. And I laugh at all his jokes. We were made for each other.

When our first daughter was planning her wedding, I shared with her how the bridal veil symbolized her passage from protected innocence to commitment to one special man. At the beginning of the wedding ceremony she belongs to the first man in her life, her father. But after the pastor pronounces them man and wife, and the groom lifts herveil for their first kiss as a married couple, the bride willingly grants him access to her lips, and also, to her entire life.

I told her when your husband lifts your veil on your wedding day, remember that you gave him permission to do so. Through marriage commitment you grant him total access to your life, emotionally and physically. Once the veil is lifted you are totally his, and he is totally yours. She told me, without hesitation, that she had found the man who she wanted to lift her veil.

Through our marriage vows, 35 years ago, we became one. It was God who had brought us together, and we were sealed.

That, I feel, is our simple secret to a happy marriage. Become one. So that no one, no thing, no powers, no circumstances can EVER come between you and tear you apart.

It really seems like only yesterday, I even remember our exit music – “We’ve Only Just Begun” by Karen Carpenter. Yes we’ve been through a lot together, but today I’m amazed that I still feel like that young bride, and I still feel like we’ve only just begun…….”white lace and promises, and a kiss for luck and we’re on our way!”

I love you honey, here’s to a hundred more!

Olive U.