January 12, 2010

Hey Carrington, It’s Your Birthday!

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Our baby girl, Carrington, born 24 years ago today, almost 3 WEEKS past her due date. Yes, I had a VERY patient doctor, who believed births happened naturally, if we just LET them. He told me once I reached my due date, that I just needed to take long walks every evening (thankfully we lived in sunny, warm Arizona!) and wait for the baby to decide when she wanted to be born. I alternatively loved and hated him for that.

We named her after her great-great grandmother Caroline, using the English variation of that name. Last week Facebook gave us an A+ for creativity in choosing that name. But in the 1980’s, Carrington was a famous family name on a popular TV show. And, on her first visit to the baby nursery at our church, there was another baby there, also named Carrington – a boy! Whaaaaat????

She was my most difficult pregnancy (9 months of morning sickness), but once she was born she was my most “perfect” baby -and by that I mean… she slept. A LOT. Anywhere. Anytime. When awake, she was happy, smiling, and would entertain herself with toys and her favorite – books. My favorite past time, reading, was also hers, how cool was that?

At 15 months old, her life and ours would change forever. While spending the afternoon at a babysitter’s home, she managed to sneak, unnoticed, out a patio door and walk right into the backyard swimming pool. I arrived on scene totally unaware of what was happening, as the helicopter was taking off with her, on life support, inside. Several days of coma, brain swelling, ICU, and yes after legions of prayer warriors covering her, a God glorifying miracle occurred. Our baby girl survived, she came out of her coma wide awake, wanting to eat everything in sight. She had NO signs of injury. Her doctors and nurses had never experienced anything like it.

We learned at that moment what amazing depth of character our daughter was blessed with. She was a fighter, she had strength and courage well beyond anything we could imagine, and she was destined to be a child of the King and to profoundly minister to others, in His name.

All we needed to do was provide her everything she needed, and get out of her way! At age 9 she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and scoliosis and because of severe pain her her back and legs, missed so much school that by age 13 she decided she wanted to be schooled at home, online, through a christian school. No longer struggling with school attendance, she thrived, and eventually surpassed all others in her age group She graduated high school early, and began college as one of the youngest students ever at the LA Fashion Institute.

Her bubbly personality draws people to her easily, but very soon they also realize there’s so much more to her persona. God has gifted her with a spiritual discernment that is so powerful, she is able to easily minister to others. Friends seek her out for her opinion and advice. She has been told more than once, that spiritually, she is mature way beyond her years.

She’s now experiencing her greatest calling, that of wife to Wade and mom to Capri and soon to come, baby Jaxson. She’s constantly reading and researching and learning from others, including her big SIS. God is giving her some of her biggest challenges right now, and she and her husband are leaning totally on their faith to carry them through.

Carrington, you are a walking testimonial not only to the miraculous works of God, but also as a personal testimonial of how facing life’s struggles with total dependence on Him can bring about joy in the morning, every morning. We are so proud of you, all that you’ve accomplished, and watching you minister to others with your God-given gifts has been truly inspiring. We hope you have a fun day today, with lots of blessings, and may all your dreams come true this year.

Mom & Dad



  1. Rhonda said,

    BEAUTIFUL! It sounds like she is a true miracle! I love her name and I think she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. You and your hubby did a great job in raising such a special, gifted person.

  2. Debra said,

    What a nice compliment, thank you Rhonda!

  3. Alisha Hughes said,

    I love Carrington!

  4. Johnny said,

    This was beautiful, Mom. Thank you so much for doing these for us.

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